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We provide the aircraft appraisal services as qualified appraisers before financing an aircraft loan. Our focus is presenting an accurate aircraft appraisal report to the banks and leasing companies based on real market information and using reliable sources of information. We have the right credentials and experience to provide aircraft appraisals to financial institutions.

Insurance companies

We provide the aircraft appraisals to verify hull values for insurance coverage related to aircraft hull insurance. Please read our aircraft appraisal approach.   

Banks & Financial Institutions

We do appraisals when you are considering buying or selling. Work with us to make sure you know the fair value of the aircraft you are considering for your personal or business use.

Aircraft donations

If you are considering liquidating your aircraft and donating it to a charity, you are eligible for a tax deduction by the IRS. We provide the aircraft appraisals to verify the fair market value of the aircraft. If you want to learn more, you can read our aircraft donation blog post.

Aircraft owners

We can help if you need to calculate the fair value of an acquired aircraft under IFRS or USGAAP. We have experience in fair value appraisals, purchase price allocations, and impairment tests.


Let us know if you have any other request related to aircraft appraisal and aircraft consulting. We will help you.

Financial Purposes

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